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We aspire to set up a “PAN PROSTATE CANCER GROUP” to harmonise and interrogate Whole Genome DNA Sequence data generated around the world from over 2000 men with prostate cancer, with associated transcriptome and methylome data to include men from different clinical categories, and ethnicities.

This project is about providing breakthrough advances through analysis of a very large series of Whole Genome DNA data from prostate cancer contributed by many of the leading scientists and clinicians working in prostate cancer genomics.

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The members of this project contain many of the groups around the world that have generated Whole Genome DNA Sequence (WGS) data using tissue from prostate cancer patients.


The structure is modelled on other successful consortia such as the PRACTICAL germline consortium as well as the PCAWG consortium. There is a steering committee (SC) composed of the PIs of all groups. There are 3 subcommittees (working groups, WGs) which report to the steering committee (Technical, Clinical and Pathology).

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Key papers have already been published from the participating groups including papers in Nature, Lancet Oncology, Science, Elife and Nature Genetics. Many other publications have been submitted or are in preparation.

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PanProstate Cancer Group
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